Life Nation® saw a void in the supplement market – what we could find either left us with a caffeine crash, stomach cramping, the jitters, or irritable.  We knew the sucralose and artificial colors and flavors found in the current products on the market were not doing our bodies any good. We knew we could do better!

We decided to produce sports supplements and fitness products that are made from the highest quality US ingredients that we know will work!  Our products have such great ingredients in them, we use them on non-training days for water alternatives and for focus at work! With no sugars and all-natural ingredients, we know we’re putting the best ingredients in our bodies. We liked the additional benefits like better sleep, better immunity, better intestinal health.

We promise to offer all-natural products, no artificial ingredients, and in the case of our vegan products, organic ingredients.  We offer unique formulas specifically created to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Our three decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, including bodybuilding, military, and holistic health experience helped shape the vision for our company. 

We care not only about your fitness goals, but also about your health as well!